Erin Lewis


Yoga came to Erin’s rescue in 1993 and for 10 years supported her recovery from a breakdown and aided her personal growth before she trained in 2014 with The British Wheel of Yoga.
Erin deepened her understanding of why yoga works and the therapeutic benefits of yoga when training with The Minded Institute 500-hr Yoga Therapy course in 2014. Since graduating she has delivered an 8-week course for stress, depression and anxiety on numerous occasions as well as many individual yoga therapy sessions.
Private Yoga Therapy sessions with Erin are tailored to suit the requirements of the individual. Erin has provided yoga therapy for back issues, depression, anxiety, stress, cancer and many more physical and mental conditions with the belief and conviction that stress reduces our ability to heal through a compromised immune system. It is and always will be her intention to help through the guidance and wisdom of yoga to restore the body to its natural state of harmony, equilibrium and peace.


Yoga Therapy, Hatha

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