Tim Sibley


Tim came to Yoga and Meditation in the mid 90’s whilst studying at Vet School to help with stress.  After graduating in 1999 he had a complete change of direction and went to Mysore to study under the watchful eye of the late Patabi Jois. He came into teaching in 2001 and since then has not looked back after further trainings in the UK and in California with inspirational Teacher “Sean Corne”. Tim teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga & meditation. He loves teaching and hope this shows in his inclusion classes where everyone is most welcome. It is his intention that every class he teaches enables you (as a group) to elevate vibration within yourselves and to consequently elevate vibration and consciousness in your own lives, so that you may awaken your fullest potential and possibility. To become kinder, more accepting and loving of yourselves and others. He looks very much forward to meeting you on the mat.


Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Meditation

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