Your wellbeing. backed by science.

We want to make understanding your health and wellbeing accessible. We have interviewed the leading scientists in neuroscience, psychology, and integrative health to allow you to understand the science behind your wellness practices.

Dr. James Doty talks about manifesting intention, learning from pivotal moments, and the power of exercising your compassion muscle.

Renowned Ayurvedic physician Dr. Sudhindra Uppoor explains how one of the oldest healthcare systems in the world can help us live happier and healthier lives.

Dr Judson Brewer is a thought leader in the field of habit change, applying a mindfulness based approach to treating addictions.

Tim Pychyl discusses why procrastination has become so common, how we can avoid this behaviour and what’s going on in the brains of procrastinators.

Ron Purser wants the practices to be used to fight for more social justice and to fuel societal changes to reduce burnout and stress.

Erika Schwartz focuses on preventing disease by addressing lifestyles, whole body and mind treatments.

Trudi Edginton explains how our thoughts and emotions relate to our physical responses and how were drive our ability to respond to stress.

Leanne Williams treats depression using an individualised approach, conducting brain scans to understand the precise treatments required.

Amishi Jha studies how we can concentrate and the impact of inattention on our happiness levels and performance abilities.

Niobe Way researchers child development, masculinity and the impacts of isolation and disconnection on our wellbeing.

Reeva discusses why she started Walking on Earth and the importance of empowering individuals to take control of their health & wellbeing.

Richard Davidson is a neuroscientist who studies the science between meditation and positive emotions including kindness and compassion.

Emeran Mayer is a pioneer of medical research into the brain and gut interactions and studies the link between the mind and body in disease.

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